Jozani Forest

In 1993, the Jozani Forest was declared a National Park. It is home to the endemic Kirk’s Red Colobus monkey, blue (gray) Sykes’ monkey, chameleons, dik-dik antelopes, and wild pigs. During the guided walk, you will discover the secrets of this small tropical forest and the nearby mangrove forest. A must-see for nature lovers!

Spice Tour

The history of Zanzibar would be incomplete without cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices brought to the island by the Sultan of Oman. Under the care of the courteous and professional guide Saidi, you will enjoy a walk on a private plantation. Saidi will describe how spices and fruits grow in tropical climates and what is their use in medicine, cosmetics and the kitchen. This is a great trip filled with mysteries and laughter!

Stone Town

The city of stone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the capital of Zanzibar and the center Swahili culture. Our professional guide will help you navigate a fascinating journey through the labyrinth of narrow city streets, where history intertwines with the present. You will see the famous carved Zanzibari doors that decorate many local homes. You will also visit the House of Wonders, the Sultan’s Palace, the Old Arab Fort, the house of the most infamous slave trader Tipu-Tipa, and the Darajani Market, while in the evening you will feast on delicious food at the Forodhani Market, where local chefs prepare sumptuous local fare. A trip filled with interesting stories and anyone interested in learning more about Swahili culture.”

Diving and Snorkeling

The waters of the Indian Ocean and surrounding Unguja teem with thousands of species of fish and coral reefs. In every corner of Zanzibar, you can find a diving base offering dives on local reefs. However, we recommend the underwater world located on Zanzibar’s northeast coast, i.e. the reefs surrounding famous Mnemba atoll. These waters are a marine reserve where you have the opportunity to encounter turtles, nudibranchs, clownfish, crabs, dolphins, and reef sharks. All this is available from our friendly diving center, “Dive Point Zanzibar,” a PADI dive center (Professionalism and Security). Dive with the best! Diving pictures – Adam Sokólski

Safari Blue

A trip with Safari Blue is the most epic adventure on the Indian Ocean surrounding Zanzibar. Take a several-hour cruise with the professional and licensed Safari Blue crew on traditional dhow boats. Enjoy snorkeling and a delicious lunch on an islet in the middle of the ocean. It’s truly a blue safari!


There is a barrier reef along the entire east coast of Zanzibar, and the wind from the Indian Ocean creates ideal conditions for kitesurfing. There are two wind seasons per year. The Kusi wind blows from mid-June to mid-October with a force of 12 – 20 knots (south to north). The Kazkazi wind occurs from mid-December until the end of February, and sometimes even until mid-March, with a force of 10-18 knots. We work with several kitesurfing centers, which we recommend depending on where you are staying on the island. They all belong to IKO, the International Kiteboarding Organization, which associates professional instructors of our favorite sport. Zanzibar – a perfect place to learn to kitesurf!